Professional Training

Facility: Sports-Prep Nothing But Athletes Inc. Training Facility
780 Juniper, Valparaiso In,  46383 
"Get Better At Something Everyday"

Dates: By Booking Schedule

Days: 6 days a week, M-S, off on Sundays

Sessions: Workouts – M-Sat
Each day there will be small group strength, conditioning, and skill set development drills and flexibility sessions, by positions. This format will allow us to maximize the enhancement of each player’s skill set, physically and mentally, in respect to the functionality of the sport and position played.

Strength & Conditioning - A functional method and technique that renders:
    •Build power, strength and stamina 
    •Primary, secondary and stabilizing muscles to maximize performance
    •Reducing the chance of injuries/increasing rate of recovery after injuries occur

Skill Development - A chronological, progressive sequence of drills to increase:
    •Understanding and retention of what is to be learned from each drill. 
    •Learn & Convert 
    •Permanent development that transfers to game situations

Game/Court Awareness (IQ) - Includes game/court awareness (IQ). We incorporate:
    •Cones and floor marking to teach the spacing needed to allow for natural flow
    •Drill repetition of situational reads
    •Controlled scrimmages, increasing the ability to recognize, process and react

Flexibility - Through the philosophy of Yoga and Pilates we will:
    •Build flexibility, strength and endurance in the primary and secondary muscles 
    •Decrease the chance for minor muscular injuries
    •Increase recovery after injuries occur

Recovery & Rest - A vital part of our workout process will be the Hot and Cold Tubs:
    •Assist the body in the day to day recovery process
    •Enhance the player’s performance 
    •Increasing ability to hold form during the repetitive process of training 

Additional Services
Nutrition/Meal Plans
As an added service we have the resources to provide effective nutrition and meal plans for body weight restructuring and sculpturing, as well as providing regular daily meals.

We offer shuttle service to and from the client’s accommodation location and the training facility. If additional transportation needs are required please let us know.

We offer laundry service for workout and personal clothing. We can arrange dry cleaning service through an outside provider.

We can assist with locating the best accommodation to meet the needs of our clients.

Medical Treatment
Our team is able to provide our clients with one of the best Sports Medical Doctors in the Midwest as well as the country. We are able to provide our client with a full service sports medical team.

Rick Lewis
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