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Functional Strength/Flexebility
Skill Development
​Boys & Girls 7-12 Grades
Functional Strength
Speed/Agility Explosiveness
Skill Development
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NWI Transportation
Strength, Conditioning, Speed & Agility - A functional method and technique that renders:
• Build balance, power, strength, rhythm, quickness, explosiveness and stamina 
• Primary, secondary and stabilizing muscles to maximize performance
 • Build flexibility, strength and endurance in the primary and secondary muscles 
  • Decrease the chance for minor muscular injuries
• Reducing the chance of injuries/increasing rate of recovery after injuries occur
Skill Development - A chronological, progressive sequence of drills to increase:
 • Understanding and retention of what is to be learned from each drill. 
 • Learn & Convert 
 • Permanent development that transfers to game or event situations
 • Game/Event/Court Awareness (IQ) - Includes game/court awareness (IQ). We incorporate:
 • Cones, hurdles and floor marking to teach the spacing needed to allow for natural flow
 • Drill repetition of situational reads
 • Controlled scrimmages and events, to increase the ability to recognize, process and react
Speed/Agility/Explosiveness - Through the philosophy of Math, Rhythm and Distance we will:
• Increase Speed by, decreasing the number of steps to cover the same distance at the same rhythm
• Improve Agility, Stability and Balance through our system of feet placement and timing
• Increase Explosiveness and Quickness through our Mathematical Footwork System 
• Enhance the player’s performance 
• Increasing ability to hold form during the repetitive process of training 
Strength - Speed - Skills Camp Summer 2018
Starts: Monday August 6 - Friday 10, 2018

Location: Quest Multisport 2641 Harrison Street, Chicago IL 60612

Time: 11AM - 2PM

Price: $225.00

​Northwest Indiana: 10 Round Trip Transportation Slots open at $15.00/Day.
 Please Send your participants with a Snack and a lunch.

The pick-up and drop off location for the transportation will be at Dogwood Park Softball/Soccer Fields 23rd & 1100, Chesterton IN 46304.
Pick-Up Time: 745 AM
Drop-Off Time: Around 415 PM (Depending on traffic)

Please complete Registration Form and Payment before the start of Camp!
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**Aug 6-10, 2018** 

For More Information:
Email - Sportsprepnba@netzero.com
Phone - 618-410-2404
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